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The Sheep

Here are some pictures of the Barbado sheep… Rambo and one of his harem (looks like Pearl): A ewe (maybe Mrs. Bigglesworth?) with her baby: One of the babies: .


This is Nibbles. She was abandoned by her mother the day she was born so we bottle fed her. Then, adopted her out to Emily and her family. Nibbles does not know she is a sheep. When Austin (another lamb – son of Mrs. Bigglesworth and brother to Mini Me) went to live with Nibbles, [Continue]

More Babies

There were four more lambs born on January 2nd. Two to Mrs. Bigglesworth – one brown and black that looks just like her which has been named Mini Me and one all black now named Austin. Two lambs were born to a previously unnamed ewe. She promptly abandoned one which is currently living in the [Continue]

New Lambs

Here is a picture of the new lambs born December 19th. They are beautiful babies and I think we have more coming!! .

Performance Art

I started painting a Texas flag on the side of our barn today. The finished flag will be 10 feet high by 15 feet wide. As I was putting on the second coat of white paint on the white section this afternoon, I heard a loud “baa”. I turned around on my scaffolding and noticed [Continue]

Sheep Wrangling

Whew! The Gillespie Stockyard in Fredericksburg sells sheep and goats every Tuesday. So, as we had two rams more than we needed, we decided to catch them and take them up to Fredericksburg yesterday afternoon. Easier said than done… Steve has one arm in a sling and is not supposed to move his shoulder (rotater [Continue]