Category: The House

Construction Update #1

As most of you know, we demolished the old cinder block house on the property. Unfortunately, remodeling it was not a great option as the foundation was compromised and we found tons of mold, rot and termites during demolition. Very yucky! We were able to salvage some (cool rock, flooring, tin, etc.) that we and [Continue]

For Steve…

Here is a photo of the big front field, mowed, looking like a giant lawn. The little patches you see still out there are milkweed plants that I left for the Monarch butterflies. .

Not enough to play…

We got a real light dusting of snow last night. You can see it here and there in the yard but no real accumulation. Bummer. Travis and Erin were up and dressed in their ski suits at 6 am ready to play in the snow. 🙁 On the happy side (at least for them), school [Continue]

Getting the garage back

Thanks to Nick and Kathryn who cleaned all the disgusting wood shavings and chicken poop out of the garage!!! We almost have the garage back. Still lots of dust and feathers but at least the stink is gone. Yeah!.

Ladybugs in my shower

Every once in a while, I find a ladybug or two in my shower. We get no other bugs in the house other than an occasional spider or fly. They only show up in the master bedroom shower. They don’t stay long. How do they get there? Where do they come from? It’s a mystery. [Continue]

Thank-you Fire Department

Our smoke detectors went off at 3:15 this morning. They are super-loud and of course woke me up instantly. I got up to see what the problem was, cursing them all the while as I thought it was a battery issue and Steve had just replaced them. When I stepped out of my room, I [Continue]

Cool kitchen gadgets

Check out these cool gasket things. Bought them at a kitchen store a while back. They are the diameter of a rolling pin and different thicknesses so you can roll out dough to the exact thickness you need. .

Cub Cadet

Since the chickens are occupying the garage until January, wanted something to protect the Cub Cadet. Check out the new cover ordered from Cabelas. .

The Giant Turtle

Here is Robbie and the giant snapping turtle taken off the pond this week. We are going to let “nature” process it for us and save the shell. We estimated it at 20-25 pounds. .