Month: November 2007

Excitment in the Mail

Better than the Toys-R-Us Big book! Yesterday afternoon, I received the catalog from the Murray McMurray Hatchery that I ordered. Pictures of all the different types of chickens (and other birds) and information about them. Everyone was fighting for their chance to see it. Amazing. YOU too can see the Murray McMurray info at their [Continue]

Too Many Roosters

We got our original batch of five chickens from a neighbor’s son-in-law who lives in New Braunfels. We told him we wanted five girls. He brought a big cage of assorted chickens over one Sunday afternoon and we picked out five cute ones which we named Sweetie Pie, Daisy, Aunt Bea, Harriet and Stevie. Too [Continue]

Chicken Bea

Chicken Bea, the Rhode Island Red, is getting a little TOO friendly! Erin has most of the chickens eating out of her hand. But Chicken Bea, when all the snacks are gone, is not ready to quit eating!!! She was pecking at Erin’s hearing aids and ear lobes looking for more tasty things. .

Performance Art

I started painting a Texas flag on the side of our barn today. The finished flag will be 10 feet high by 15 feet wide. As I was putting on the second coat of white paint on the white section this afternoon, I heard a loud “baa”. I turned around on my scaffolding and noticed [Continue]

Sheep Wrangling

Whew! The Gillespie Stockyard in Fredericksburg sells sheep and goats every Tuesday. So, as we had two rams more than we needed, we decided to catch them and take them up to Fredericksburg yesterday afternoon. Easier said than done… Steve has one arm in a sling and is not supposed to move his shoulder (rotater [Continue]


I’ll start with the newest news first… We bought three new hens Friday from “Poultry in Motion” out of Utopia. Chicken Bea, a Rhode Island Red; Stu, a Black Sex-Link; and Daisy May, an Araucana. All three girls are settling in nicely with Sweetie Pie (the rooster – he’s a Barred Rock) and Harriet (she [Continue]