Month: May 2008

Beautiful Bird

Here is a photo Kathryn took of a really beautiful bird. (Unfortunately, it was no longer alive.) We thought it was an adult female Pyrrhuloxia (a type of cardinal). Her red eyebrow was very unique. But, in our Sibley guide, those have a yellow bill. So, I believe it may be a female Northern Cardinal. [Continue]

Gymnastics Meet

This is from Erin’s end of the year gymnastics fun meet. She earned 3 blue ribbons on the floor exercise, vault and balance beam and 1 red ribbon on the uneven bars. .

History Reenactment

The middle school honors history classes did a reenactment in the city park of the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Lexington. They even had one of the kids on horseback as Paul Revere riding through the park. Pretty cool! Here are a few of the colonials. .

4H Textile Project

This is Kathryn’s quilted wall hanging made for the 4H Textile competition. It is made with Travis’, Erin’s and her handprints. She won a blue ribbon at the county show and a red ribbon at the district show. .

Mr. T

Mr. T is the funniest of our ducks. This first picture is at about 3 days old… This second pictures is at about two months old… .

Our first tomato

This one came off a potted plant. However, the garden is planted and growing well. We will have more tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans, okra, watermelons, chives, basil carrots, dill, baby corn, etc. .


This is Nibbles. She was abandoned by her mother the day she was born so we bottle fed her. Then, adopted her out to Emily and her family. Nibbles does not know she is a sheep. When Austin (another lamb – son of Mrs. Bigglesworth and brother to Mini Me) went to live with Nibbles, [Continue]