Month: June 2008

Circus Camp

Here are some pictures from the last day of Circus Camp and the 1/2 ring circus performance! Juggling: Ferocious Lions: Walking the Tightrope: It was a thrilling performance!!!!!.


We thought for sure that Casper would avoid us like the plague after being caught Sunday evening. But, Mr. Nosy couldn’t resist checking out what Parker was doing and got snagged in the booty! Here he is again… .

The First Bass

Robbie found the sweet spot and finally caught some bass! We knew they were in there, but they were sneaky. This was the first one: This was the cutest one: Here is Dean with a nice one: .

Robbie the Catfish King

Robbie caught Casper, the albino catfish (and one of his buddies) yesterday evening. Both were released with no harm done – except perhaps to their pride… Casper- Casper’s Friend – .


Dropped off the girls at camp yesterday. Erin was so excited. Margaret and Kathryn don’t look quite as thrilled. I think it is the “teenager” in them… .

Cool Succulent

I found this cool plant at Wal-Mart and couldn’t resist it. It is called “Etna” and is an Echeveria Hybrid. .

An Evening of Fishing at the Pond

Here are pictures from an evening of fishing at the pond. 🙂 The prize of the night – Robbie and his GIANT catfish!!!! Parker and his catfish: Erin, Matthew and a fish: Erin and Robbie fishing: Travis shooting bread balls into the pond for the fish with the slingshot: Margaret and one of the six [Continue]

The Giant Turtle

Here is Robbie and the giant snapping turtle taken off the pond this week. We are going to let “nature” process it for us and save the shell. We estimated it at 20-25 pounds. .

Casualties of War!!!

Is this a water moccasin or just a water snake? We aren’t sure but we don’t want to be swimming with it in the pond – whatever it is!!!!! Robbie the Snake Hunter at work: The big snapping turtles have to go too! Watch your toes… .