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Not quite sure what they are doing but it looks painful!!!

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If you look up the definition of “happy face” in the dictionary, I think this is what it shows…

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First Grade Dr. Suess Day

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Travis’ Valentine for Margaret

Translation: “You Rock for that. Margaret is my True Love. Text Me Babe. I Love You Margaret.

Photo 143.

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Saved a hummingbird!!!

These pictures are especially for Mikie…

Kathryn was helping set up at a fundraiser event and this little hummingbird got inside a building and couldn’t get out. It finally was so tired that it landed. (Our good friend) Gary’s hands are holding the hummer and you can see it’s tongue getting sugar water from the fold in his hand. They were able to revive this little guy and it finally flew away. Kathryn had the opportunity to take part in the rescue and took lots of amazing photos!!!

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On Enchanted Rock during Spring Break!

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100 year-old Travis

Found this in my drafts… Not sure why it never made it to the blog but I LOVE this picture.

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December snow :)

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Eeeek! Bat in the house!

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Travis and buddies camping in the “yard”.

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Only REALLY good friends can share underwear!!!

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The cat molester….

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