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Just cute


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Military Ball

Here are Katelyn, Earl and Kathryn leaving for the military ball last night. Aren’t they pretty?


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Dinner last night

For Steve:


One of our chickens, stuffed and roasted, mashed potatoes, buttery corn, salad with homemade ranch dressing, rolls with rosemary and sea salt. The chicken was fork tender and amazing!


Pineapple cream pie with double meringue. Super yummy!

Wished you were here to enjoy it too..

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DSCF2002 12

Isn’t he beautiful! We found him last spring by the kitchen steps when we were cleaning the yard. Ran across his picture just now. Steve relocated him away from the house..



DSCF2168 14

This one is kind of scary looking! Glad it’s in a cage!.

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Kathryn’s Boyfriend continued…

DSCF2460 2

Here he is dancing to entice her!.

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Kathryn’s Boyfriend

DSCF2487 3.

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Happy Monday

I have given Kathryn the assignment of taking some new, exciting pictures for me. We’ll see what she comes up with. Hope everyone is having a great day!

DSCF2421 3.



Here is a picture I found from this past summer of Travis flying through the air at camp! Pretty wild. I didn’t know he would do that!!

DSCF3118 1.


I don’t even know…

DSCF2178 9.


Another of Kathryn’s amazing photos

DSCF2101 8

No, I do not know how she does this!.

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One of my favorite of Kathryn’s photos

DSCF1068 4

By the way, this is a female Monarch butterfly if you were curious..


Tae Kwon Do

Travis has started sparring in Tae Kwon Do. It is really cool (and kind of scary from a mom’s point of view) and he loves it! Will try to remember my camera next week and get some pictures of him in action!!.


Crazy Cardinals

All week long, there have been male cardinals trying to come through the windows! We have several clear windows with no screens. I will hear thumping noises and when I look at nbso online casino reviews the window, there is a beautiful male cardinal trying to get in. This has been happening on and off for about a week. Very weird! If I can manage to get a picture of one, I will add it..


Getting the garage back

Thanks to Nick and Kathryn who cleaned all the disgusting wood shavings and chicken poop out of the garage!!! We almost have the garage back. Still lots of dust and feathers but at least the stink is gone. Yeah!.


Rowdy, Jordyn, Carl and Erin


Good goats..


Erin and Carl


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Goat Show Today!

The goat show was today. Erin’s goat, Carl, placed 9th out of 21 in his class. Jordyn’s goat, Rowdy, placed 8th in his class of 20 or 21. Congrats girls!! Pictures to follow….


To the freezer…

The broilers go to the processor today (if we can figure out how to get them there) and then to the freezer. Yeah! Having 45 giant chickens in the garage gets old fast..


The Sheep

Here are some pictures of the Barbado sheep…

Rambo and one of his harem (looks like Pearl):


A ewe (maybe Mrs. Bigglesworth?) with her baby:


One of the babies:


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