Month: February 2011

Not enough to play…

We got a real light dusting of snow last night. You can see it here and there in the yard but no real accumulation. Bummer. Travis and Erin were up and dressed in their ski suits at 6 am ready to play in the snow. 🙁 On the happy side (at least for them), school [Continue]

First Flakes

Just saw a couple of flakes of snow!!! Hopefully we will get some of the good stuff (and it’s cold enough it should stick) today!!.

A little warmer

It’s a little warmer this morning – only 18 degrees… Have to swap out the rabbit, dog and chicken waterers pretty often as they freeze solid quickly! Ready for it to warm up. Hope the groundhog is correct this year (but won’t hold my breath as his accuracy rate is only about 30%). Chance of [Continue]


It’s 16 degrees this morning. We have lost power twice. Have the fireplace going And it is really nice! (Yes, I know my poem is beautiful. 🙂 It goes along with Erin’s Lit lessons.).