Month: November 2011

Crack Taters

This recipe for Potatoes au Gratin is SO awesome I call them crack taters. One taste and you are hooked like crack cocaine and can not stop eating them. I do cook them 10-15 minutes longer with the foil on to get them good and tender. Perfect Potatoes au Gratin Thanks Pioneer Woman for sharing [Continue]

Pasta with Bacon and “Corn” Pesto

A friend gave us some sweet corn fresh-picked from his family’s farm at church this morning. So I tried a new recipe with it: Pasta with Bacon and “Corn” Pesto May I just say “Yum!!!!!” The only thing I did different from this recipe was double the amount of bacon (Duh!) .

Presidents vs. Aliens

I have become hooked on a game for my Iphone called “Presidents vs. Aliens”. The game asks questions about the presidents and you answer from a choice of four presidents. If you answer correctly, that president’s head becomes a weapon to take out the aliens. If you clear out all the aliens in a round, [Continue]

Coffee Cake Cupcakes

I saw this recipe Monday, immediately printed and made them. OMG! They are awesome and I didn’t even bother with the icing!!!! Coffee Cake Cupcakes recipe .

New chicks

Here are some pictures of our new baby chicks. They are about 2-3 days old here. The black ones with the dot on their head are Barred Rocks. The rest are Erin’s Bantams and will be little even when grown! She got Silkies and Frizzles this time. Can’t wait to see what they look like [Continue]