Month: April 2012

Escaped snake-updated

We found out yesterday evening that one of our snakes has escaped from its aquarium!! Actually, both got out but Kathryn found one right next to its house and put it back. But one is still missing! Fortunately, it is a corn snake and can’t hurt us but it is a little creepy!!! Of course, [Continue]

For Steve…

Here is a photo of the big front field, mowed, looking like a giant lawn. The little patches you see still out there are milkweed plants that I left for the Monarch butterflies. .

Easter egg hunt

Here is a photo from our Easter egg hunt, hot dog cookout and water balloon fight on the Saturday before Easter. I mowed a line around about an acre and a half of the front field that was full of wild flowers and grasses. We had about 250 cascarones and about 500 plastic eggs. I [Continue]

Chickens and yogurt

Did you know that chickens like yogurt? I was reading about “chicken snacks” on some site (yes, really) and read that they like yogurt. So, we tried it. I think this is Greek yogurt with strawberries. They were a little hesitant to try it at first (I think it was the container that worried them) [Continue]